Lopaka Rootz is a musical artist, singer, song writer, and lyricist. He hails from Kailua Kona, on the big Island of Hawaii. Born on January 12,1985 in Erie, Pennsylvania. Growing up with a mixed plate of ethnicity and cultures. He learned that he possessed the same qualities as those around him but aspired to have his own identity. Understanding  a perspective of life from a worldwide view allowed him to be in tune with the many different cultures of the world. Breaking through all social barriers showed him what beauty this world really has to offer.

      He has always wanted to be a benefit to society and continued to search for his higher calling. It wasn't until he discovered the music of Bob Marley did he truly begin to understand his place in this world. Desiring to share unity through music, he connected with Marley's music. Not because of the message or the vibe this music relayed, but much like Marley both of his parents were from different cultures as well.

Although feeling unaccepted due to his own differences, he was able to find a balance between what he aspired for and the challenges this world had to offer. 


      At the age of 21 he began his musical career and learned the guitar. After 10 Years of writing and playing music. He was able over come obstacles and maneuver through the many hardships thrown his way. It was then that he found the right group of musicians that would support him and share in the message he wished to convey to the world. So Hi in I was formed and the journey began but not without its pitfalls.

      The advancement in technology proceeded by good quality music became common place in our society. The over saturation of the market left a very small window for artists to shine and get their music released. It was then that a friend suggested that he start recording on the video application called Musical.ly. This allowed him to finally begin the process of reaching a global audience from the comfort of his own studio. Not long after did he become a regular live broadcast streamer and performer on the Live.ly application that Musical.ly hosts. Within a few months he was on Spotlight and Live.ly Tv playing and interacting with thousands of people from around the world.

      Now being the most pivotal point in his life with enormous amounts of pressure and patience. Aftershock his first single will be available for release on December 15,2017 and the rest is history in the making. So be apart of the wild ride and follow it closely. You the fans are making it possible for his dream to become his destiny and fate into reality.

Be Sure to follow Lopaka Rootz on all his social platforms and be apart of the next conscious musical revolution with Lopaka Rootz and HI in I. 


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